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We want to help you THRIVE, not just survive
Giving ministry leaders the ability to Thrive in ministry.

You and Your Ministry Matter

The goal of Serve In Church Coaching is to help you, as a ministry leader, grow. We want you and your team members to thrive, not just survive, in ministry.

We want to help you grow in ministry and lead your teams well. 

It is easier to do life together with someone who understands what you are going through and the challenges you are facing.

What does this mean? We know ministry. We know what you are going through. We will focus on what is holding you back and help you get to a place of thriving in ministry.

Who is Serve In Church For?

    • Pastors
    • Ministers
    • Elders
    • Deacons
    • Ministry Team Leaders
    • Paid Staff
    • Volunteer Leaders

Ways You’ll Grow

Almost immediately, you’ll become aware of your blindspots and notice improvements in the communication skills that define exceptional leaders. And you’ll only get better over time.


Communicate your vision so that everyone clearly sees the mission and purpose and knows what they need to do to get there. Motivate your team and stakeholders to say, “I’m in! Let’s go!” instead of “Okay…I’ll do it if I have to.”

Leadership Development

Develop communications habits worthy of high-performing leaders and teams. Assess your leadership strengths, spot opportunities for growth, and learn to work together in an inclusive and productive way.

Ministry Coaching Options


Group coaching for ministry leaders is a powerful and transformative experience. It provides you with a unique platform for leaders to come together, share their experiences, and learn from one another’s perspectives.

In a group coaching setting, you and like-minded ministry leaders can explore common challenges, discuss innovative strategies, and receive valuable feedback from your peers. This collaborative environment fosters growth, inspires new ideas, and strengthens your leadership skills.

With the guidance of a skilled coach, you can learn what is keeping you from thriving, deepen your self-awareness, enhance your decision-making abilities, and ultimately excel in your roles as you navigate the complexities of serving your communities and fulfilling your mission.


One-on-one coaching for ministry leaders offers a personalized and focused approach to your development.

Through individual coaching sessions, ministry leaders can engage in deep introspection, goal-setting, and skill-building tailored specifically to your unique needs and challenges.

Your coach serves as a trusted ally, providing a confidential and supportive space for you to explore your strengths, identify areas for growth, and develop strategies for effective leadership.

This personalized attention allows ministry leaders to address specific issues, enhance their communication and interpersonal skills, and gain insights into their own leadership styles.

One-on-one coaching empowers you to overcome obstacles, tap into your potential, and lead with authenticity and purpose, ultimately enabling you to make a positive and lasting impact in your ministry and the lives of those you serve.

On Site

One-on-one on site coaching for ministry leaders offers a profound and intimate experience for your personal and professional growth.

Through face-to-face interactions, you and your coach can establish a deep connection, fostering trust, empathy, and understanding. In this setting, your coach can observe your ministry and your non-verbal cues, actively listen, and provide immediate feedback, creating a rich and dynamic coaching environment.

In-person coaching allows for a deeper exploration of your challenges, aspirations, and values, enabling your coach to tailor your coaching approach to your specific needs.

This close collaboration and direct interaction empower you to reflect on your beliefs, strengthen your skills, and address any barriers or concerns you may face in your leadership journey.

One-on-one in-person coaching for ministry leaders provides a unique opportunity for transformation, self-discovery, and personal growth in a supportive and compassionate setting.

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